Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coditos Deluxe (Ensalada Mixta de Macarrones)

Recipe #354: Ensalada Mixta de Macarrones

Never in my life have I had this pasta salad with every ingredient you can find in your fridge, chopped.

Seriously. It has: olives, radishes, onions, eggs, red bell peppers, Gouda and ham.

My typical ensalada de coditos (elbow macarroni), as my grandmother would call it, growing up had chicken, mayo, celery and apple. That's it. Maybe some petit pois (green peas) for good measure. Never olives, radishes, onions, eggs, red bell peppers, Gouda and ham.


So, this coditos deluxe, or redux, or whatever-ux, is quite amazing.

But, it's no wonder why my grandmother never made it this way at home. The amount of chopping needed to get those olives, radishes, onions, eggs and red bell peppers into perfect tiny squares is terrifying. So very terrifying. Good thing I had no idea how long it would take.

Else it would have been good ol' ensalada de coditos for me, abuela style. Not Nitza style.

But, try it. People will wonder at all the flavors you've placed in there. ALL the flavors.

Ensalada mixta de macarrones


  1. I'll stick to your abuela's elbow salad, a esa Nitza le patina un poco aveces jaja :) keep up the good work :D

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