Sunday, July 4, 2010

Recipes to Tweet By - Six Ingredients or Less

We’re fortunate enough to spend time in the Keys often. In January, my husband went back to school to get his MBA. His program runs on Saturdays only, for two years, and this summer marked the ¼ mark of his progress. When it was time to decide what we’d do for the Fourth of July, we were packed and in the Keys before we could think twice.

Whenever I’m faced with free time (defined as time with my hubby and/or my parents/in-laws help me with the kids), I cook. So, I tackled a total of four recipes during the course of the weekend.

I picked easy ones. I wanted ones with five ingredients or less, but found one that had six, so that’s why this post is titled as such. I wanted to enjoy some real non-cooking free time with hubby as well.

What makes them easy? Well, it’s more that they’re simple. They’re so simple, I can tweet the recipe. So, all these recipes are composed of instructions, in less than 140 characters.

For the traditionalists, I do have the full recipes listed, just a click away. As always, click on the title of the dish and you’re taken to the full recipe, in English.

Recipe #330: Ensalada de Papas (Potato Salad)

Ensalada de Papas ingredients - simple

The first recipe, a Fourth of July tradition, is Potato Salad. This ensalada de papas is not loaded with (too much) mayo and tastes fresh.

Peel, cube potatoes. Boil until soft. Add chopped onions, pepper. Mix. Fridge 1 hr. Beat cream cheese and mayo and add to potatoes. Serve.

Ensalada de Papas

Recipe #610: Bocaditos de Berro con Mayonesa

Ingredients for con Mayonesa

This recipe has three ingredients.

Chop watercress. Add mayo. Mix well. Cut crusts off bread. Spread paste between 2 slices bread. Cut into triangles. Enjoy.

Bocadito de Berro con Mayonesa

Recipe #609: Bocaditos de Berro con Mantequilla

Adding the beaten butter

This recipe also has three ingredients. And just requires one extra step – beating the butter before adding it to the watercress.

Chop watercress. Add beaten butter. Mix well. Cut crusts off bread. Spread paste between 2 slices bread. Cut into triangles. Enjoy.

Bocadito de Berro con Mantequilla

Recipe #624: Bolitas de Queso

Ingredients Bolitas de Queso

This recipe has four ingredients. I didn’t have little petit fours papers, which is what I think she’s looking for when she asks for capacillo pequeño de papel. So, instead of making little cheese balls, I made one large Bola de Queso.

And fine, I know this tweet is a stretch, but it’s in less than 140 characters (3 to spare, actually), so it counts.

Beat room temp cream cheese/Add chopped sweet pickles+olives/Blend/Form large ball/Wrap ball/Fridge/Unwrap/Roll in slivered almonds/Enjoy

Bolita de Queso

Four more down for the Fourth of July. And, some quality time with the family. Who knows, maybe I can find more Nitza recipes to Tweet.

Ha. I doubt it.

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