Sunday, July 11, 2010


For no good reason (besides the insanity of The Project and the thought of knocking out three recipes all at once), I decided to make three mayonnaise recipes in one shot.

Mayo, Mayo Mostaza, Mayo Rosada

Besides the oddity of making mayo yourself (I mean, really, why?). This recipe was quite educational. The way that the lemon, oil and eggs worked together was quite, well, magical.

I know, I know. It’s only mayo. But, give it a try for yourself, and you’ll see why real Cuban mayo tastes more like Miracle Whip than the mayo we use and what a great veggie dip the mustard and pink varieties make, just as they are.

Recipe #310: Salsa Mayonesa

ingredients mayonesa

This recipe calls for ¾ cup oil (I used vegetable oil) and it came out too runny. The next ones called for ½ cup and I recommend using ½ cup each time.

adding the oil

With a blender, you’re done with each recipe in less than 5 minutes. If you’re so inclined, you could have homemade mayo in the fridge at all times. I’m not so inclined, but am happy to have learned how it works.

Recipe #311: Mayonesa Mostaza

Add yellow mustard.

add the mustard

Recipe #312: Mayonesa Rosada

Add ketchup.

add the ketchup

My blender actually broke in the process – I guess from being in shock from all the use it’s been receiving this past year. But, thanks to Macy’s and the Kitchen Aid warranty that is just part of the package when you buy it, I walked in with my burnt out, 10 year old, wedding registry blender and walked out with my brand new, shiny red blender. What a treat.

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