Monday, July 26, 2010

Maduros (Fried Sweet Plantains) for Dummies

I made maduros once. And burnt them. Bad.

IMG 1020

So, while I've checked the recipe off my list, I know I will be faced with the inevitable task of making maduros as a side dish one day. But, as of right now, I can't help anyone much except to give you the advice I was given AFTER the arsonation of the maduros.

Advice? Yes, advice. The advice I didn't get before embarking on my fried sweet plantain mission from my friends on Facebook. Where were you when I needed you?

1. Black plantains required. (Read: black, mushy, soft, almost ready to throw away). Don't buy the plantains on the day you want to make maduros. They won't be ready. Buy them a few days early with black spots on them. They'll get to the right stage right in time for your frying.
2. Do not take your eyes off the maduros. At any point. Ever. One eye off the pan and they will burn. (Mica)
3. Do not use a cast iron skillet. Gets too hot and when your eye wanders, you get instant carbón in the pan. (Dina)
4. Remove platanitos from the oil when they are golden, not when they look ready. When they look ready in the oil, you've gone too far. (Dina, again. All-maduro knowing Dina)
5. Don't overcrowd the pan. Making them in batches is ok. You have more space to turn them if you don't overcrowd the pan. (Nancy)

And, of course, you're all thinking to give the same advice Raquel gave: buy the frozen maduros for the microwave. Taste just like the real thing.

If you have more tips to add for a Maduros for Dummies special insert at some point in the future, please post it below in the comments. Happy maduro'ing!


  1. It takes price, but the right temperature helps. Don't buy the frozen ones. Get the Plantain and just like an aguacate put it in a cartucho to help it ripen.

    Frying them in the right temperature (often medium heat) will release all the sugar and caramelize them (how abuela used to make them).

    However, number 1 on your list is the MOST important one - otherwise your plantain is pinton and good only for "chatinos" - toston shaped, maduro looking.

  2. I don't like maduros...and you are so brave for posting those! And thanks for collecting the tips, because we really should know how to make them, like good cubanitas.

  3. I have a blog post for the way I make my maduros they always come out fine :) here check it out it may help you in the future (no NO frozen maduros por favor! lol.)

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