Saturday, June 25, 2011


At first I thought I had really good friends.

Then, before the third delivery, I realized that this was what an abundant mango season was all about. Everywhere you turn, folks pushing wheelbarrows full of the red yellow tropical fruit as if they were headed to a big processing plant...or, my house.

Yes, I have been accepting mangos. And no, there are no mango recipes in The Project. Not one. What's up with that?

I've been borrowing, making up or just plain stealing mango recipes. So, now, I'm a little behind schedule in my regular blogging project, but alas, mango season is mango season.

Below are the Top Uses I've Found For Mangos. Feel free to add, copy, modify or delete. Whichever the case, just let me know how it goes. You never know if there's a recipe you've made that our friends here at La Cocina will borrow.

Mango Use #1: Mango Nut Bread

iPhone 001

Mango Use #2: Batido de Mango

iPhone 003

Mango Use #3: Mermelada de Mango

iPhone 010

Mango Use #4: Mango Pie Poppers

iPhone 023

Mango Use #5: Arroz con Mango

iPhone 022

As the mangos continue to make their way to my house, I'll continue to post recipes. Until then, feel free to share your recipes with us, so we can make it through the mango season together.


  1. Here's one for you to add to the mix...I make it all the time --> mango cheesecake! So yummy and refreshing!
    Mango Mojitos!

  2. How about Mango Salsa? Also, I make a simple traditional ceviche with tilapia and add chopped mango to it. It's delicious!