Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Pan de Jengibre. Gingerbread.

Not gingerbread cookies. Not a gingerbread house. Not even Gingy, the gingerbread man.

Ginger Bread. Like a banana bread, but made with ginger.


This Recipe #528: Pan de Jengibre had me very curious. I had never tried it, nor heard of it. Not to mention that I had no idea how it ended up in a Cuban cookbook.

It was great. And it officially kicked off the holiday season.

Bring on the elves and chilly weather. We're officially ready.

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  1. Actually I remember one of my aunts from the Cuban countryside often making gingerbread. Not even for holidays, just when she felt like whipping it up. And she remembered her mom doing it so was actually family recipe, not "trying something new and out there".

    How did it turn out?