Monday, April 12, 2010

Cream of Spinach Soup

Now that I’ve hit the fifth cream of vegetable soup, I’ll spare you any extra details and get right to the point.

Recipe #11: Sopa de Espinacas a la Crema


Let’s see if we can get this down to five steps:

1. Melt butter in the microwave.

2. Osterize flour, milk, salt and raw spinach.

ingredients in blender

3. Add the melted butter.

4. Osterize again.

5. Heat in a soup pot over low heat until heated through.

soup done

This green soup has quite a nice color to it and it tastes delicious. A friend called it Popeye Soup and my kids really did enjoy calling it Popeye soup as well.

They were scared of it, but agreed to try it. One gagged, the other gave me the "Oh, no. I’m not trying that if he almost threw up" face.

Double serving for hubby and me.

sopa de crema de espinacas

Side note: You can use spinach or swiss chard interchangeably in the recipe. The book calls for espinacas o acelgas so use whichever you prefer.

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