Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Brunch 2012

We're into the second Easter for The Project and it was quite a challenge to not repeat some of last year's favorites such as the Arroz a la Indiana and the Rollo de Jamón con Piña.

For brunch this year, I divided and conquered the full menu - beverages, appetizers and desserts were assigned to the family and I took care of the platos fuertes (main dishes).

Recipe #336: Ensalada de Pollo Suprema, a potato-less (yes, Cuban sacrilege) chicken salad.

Recipe #78: Ladrillo de Carne Fria is not the traditional Carne Fria that is mostly remembered as being served in round discs atop saltine crackers. This version is baked into a loaf and includes hard boiled eggs surprisingly nestled inside.

Recipe #400: Doble Delicia de Chocolate, a double-layer mint chocolate cake with a mint chocolate frosting between the two layers and on the outside.

All beautiful and delicious in their own right. The best part? I was able to make them all the day before so that I could enjoy the family and the kids' festivities.
Although my cousin and I have our Easter Brunch pact - she handles the outside (Easter Egg Hunt and crafts for the kids) and I handle the inside, I did want to step outside and enjoy her hard work with frenzy of a dozen kids.

What a crazy fun time they all had, and the food was just the backdrop. Just as it should be.

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