Saturday, March 24, 2012

Carne con Platano

As a follow up to an interview with Trina (@MiamiDish) for WLRN's Under the Sun, we scheduled a cooking session, with Trina choosing the dish for me to try.

Recipe #72: Carne con Platano

I didn't even know this was in The Project. What a hidden little gem of a recipe.

Something magical happens when the platano and beef stew together in the pressure cooker. Much different than its Cuban cousin, Carne con Papas.

Because you use a platano pintón (a plantain that isn't mushy ripe, or maduro, nor very hard, or verde), there's a starchy sweetness that blends into the sauce that pops forth a tang with every bite.

Paired with killer rice, this is a big winner.

This second interview with Trina, that included the every day sounds of our crazy house, was fun. The kids ran around, the dog barked, the hubby peeled platanos and weighed in on his thoughts about The Project. My parents made a cameo, just in time to enjoy the meal.

When Trina asked my mom about the worst recipe so far, she referenced Huevos a la Florentina, which we all quickly remembered as really being a bad one.

Funny how we keep moving forward, recipe to recipe, and hardly stop to look back. Thanks, Trina, for helping us reflect on the past two and a half years. And how much more we have ahead.

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  1. This looks so damn tasty. So bad for a veggie like me. But love reading your posts and how you cook with so much love.