Monday, July 25, 2011

Cangrejitos de Jamón - Ham Pastelitos

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Hitting my hundredth recipe is quite a landmark. Coming across this one was a nice surprise. You really are making ham pastelitos in your kitchen with this. Really.

When I saw I had to make my own dough, I shuddered, but kept on. Good thing - this uses the easiest dough recipe I've made to date - Receta Basica No. 3. It has cream cheese in the dough. Deliciousness.

I had to grind up my super Cuban staple, ham cubes, and place it by the spoonful atop triangles of the deliciousness dough. Then you roll up the triangles and get cangrejitos (little crabbies).

I didn't realize you needed to brush with egg wash before I started (I always have ham cubes, I never have eggs) so the crabbies came out dull, but they were still wonderful.

You get a good number of Cangrejitos from the recipe so if you're daring and want to have a kiddie party, bake these up and you're a homemade Cuban bakery.

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