Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harina Rellena (Corn Meal and Picadillo)

Harina Rellena seems to be another one of those signature dishes that abuelas and even abuelos are known for in their respective families. I didn't have an harina maker in my family, but after this recipe, I think I'll take that title over myself.

Harina maker. Has a nice ring to it.

Harina rellena con picadillo, like tonight. Harina con cangrejos, like back in September of last year. Harina with masitas de puerco (fried pork chunks), like one of my Facebook friends mentioned today as I posted my cooking progress.

Harina maker. Yep, that or cheesemonger. Two crazy careers I could totally see myself jumping into if I ever won the lotto.

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  1. The list of Cuban food i must cook has grown thanks to you :) I've never had "Harina Rellena" but looks AMAZING! In my familia my grandma was the "Harina maker" she would make "Harina de Maiz Con Patas de Cangrejo" and "Harina de Maiz Con Camarones" like she'd boil the cornmeal with salt (if using shrimp she'd boil it in shrimp stock she made with the shells) then add a delicious sofrito (without tomato) and then add the seafood (either crab or shrimp) to stir in towards the end. She'd make it plain with salt too for breakfast with huevo frito or lunch with picadillo. Breakfast harina could be cooked with water a little salt, and she'd add milk and sugar to it. Even the leftover harina she'd cook with just salt and water that was leftovers (it would turn hard in fridge) we'd cut those things like jello cubes and pour milk and sugar in a bowl with them :) this post brings memories :)