Monday, February 14, 2011

Flan: a perfect, complete, nutritious meal

My grandmother (carne fria) hasn't been feeling too well lately. She's been pretty under the weather for a few months now and today, I got such a kick from a comment she made, I had to post it on my Facebook page.

Mi abuela was telling me about how much my kids love sweets (no kidding). She then went on to tell me about how flan is the perfect food.

Huevos, leche y azucar - ¿que más quieres?

She does have a point, of course. And many of you agreed with her. Enough to add your own family items to the list of perfect foods - filling, nutritious, wholesome (most of the time) and perfect for a merienda (afternoon snack):

  1. Vino Sanson with an egg yolk (Danny tells me Vino Sanson is a dessert wine from Spain; this is one of those mythical foods I would only hear of, but never see, whilest growing up).

  2. A shot of Bailey's is good for the mothers-in-waiting (not enough alcohol according to Mrs. P's abuela).

  3. Whiskey, honey and lemon, slightly heated, cures a bad cough. Mayra has been having that at her grandma's house since she was a kid.

  4. Croquetas, according to Grecia. Complete meal indeed - protein, starch, maybe a veggie (if you count the onions in the bechamel).

  5. Puré de malanga, calabaza and all other root vegetables. My grandmother used to make mashed potatoes, butter only, for me whenever I was sick. Any type of sick. And it is the one thing I still crave when I'm sick and have no ganas (no desire) to eat.

  6. Beets for good blood. Really, Dina?

  7. Malta con leche condensada. This was given to kids that were "too skinny". Seriously? When did you ever meet a Cuban that was "too skinny"?

I thought today's commentary was worth a post. I hope you did, too. Of course I left some of your family's perfect foods out. Share them with us here. Who knows, I may have to jump on it for The Project!

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  1. In my family the nutritious thing "que levanta muertos" and it is nutritious are "Potajes" made with beef, some good bones, chorizo, calabaza, potatoes, and of course they have beans a good sofrito and all. Served over rice or with bread and a salad. Makes you strong :) a lot of my grandmas friends who are old Cubans believe the same too they tell me "Cocinale Potaje a tu abuela pa' que viva mucho tiempo y este fuerte" I'm a dietetics major and yeah Potajes are nutritional power houses. lol.

    Remolacha for good blood is also used in my family.

    A good bistec de higado as well, lots of hierro.

    Interestingly also something my grandma calls "Ponche de Huevo" it's a drink made of cinnamon infused milk, egg yolks and sugar.

    Cannot forget the "Aciete de Bacalao" (codliver oil)

    Red wine too :)