Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carne con Papas

From the moment I started this project, my husband had two requests: Carne con Papas and Fricase de Pollo. I’m not only proud because I have only one more to create for him, but because this first one, literally Meat and Potatoes, was as perfect as the classic he was hoping for.

I did a grocery run during lunch to gather the ingredients. It was a Tuesday and I was determined to have us eating before 8 p.m. I wish, of course, that we’d be eating during the week at a decent 6:30 p.m., but, alas, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s going to take some more discipline on my part to leave the office right at 5 p.m. in order to have us eating earlier. It’s a big struggle.

I tend to get confused with what type of meat to use for what so when I asked the butcher lady what meat I’d need to use for Carne con Papas, she quickly escorted me to pre-cut beef chunks labeled, Beef for Stew / Carne Para Guisar.

Easy enough. Carne con Papas is on.

carne pa' guisar

Recipe #75: Carne con Papas

This recipe is so simple. It’s straightforward and best when served alongside killer (white) rice. I didn’t even have to cut up the meat because I found it in perfect squares in the grocery store.

I threw the meat in with hot oil and when the meat was golden and had released its grease, I added salt, pepper, paprika, a bay leaf and the Cuban trilogy.

meat with trilogy

When all that is nice and sofrito-ed, add in a can of tomato sauce, white wine (using the tomato sauce can to measure) and water (using the tomato sauce can again). Leave on medium heat until boiling and then add in the potatoes and capers. I left it on low for 30 minutes so I could make the killer rice and sit down for a few minutes.

in the pot

This is a good make-ahead meal and a good weeknight meal, if you’ve got everything chopped up and ready. It could take you about 45 minutes to whip this up, which gives you time to start on some homework or have your hubby bathe the kids.

A word of caution – your house will smell very Cuban when you make this recipe. It hits every scent from my childhood and I’m sure it will do the same for your home. Maybe I should pitch my cousin at Soy Delicious candles this scent idea – Carne con Papas candle, anyone? Sofrito smell, anytime. Any takers?

carne con papas

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