Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brazilian Spaghettis?

Memorial Weekend is traditionally the official kick off of BBQ season. To my family’s dismay, I decided to make a pasta dish for their enjoyment. I had never heard of Spaguettis a la Brasilera and have no idea why it’s even called that, but I’m always looking to learn something new so if you know, then clue me in. What I can tell you is that these spaghettis (which were actually ziti because that’s what I had) were just so bad, so evil, so delectable. So good.

Recipe #224: Spaguettis a la Brasilera

ingredients for spaguettis a la brasilera

Any recipe that starts off by asking you to make lots of bacon grease as your base for a sauce can’t be good. I was cooking for about a dozen of my family members so I had to double the original recipe. Frying up 12 strips of bacon in a pot creates a lot of grease. And smoke. And splatter. And, well, let’s just say my family was looking for any window and sliding glass door to open in order for us to get some fresh air. But not once did I hear them complain. They’d just swing by the frying and walk off with eyes wide open.

making bacon grease

Once you’ve got your vat of grease ready and your bacon is set aside, it’s time to add the Cuban trilogy: garlic, onion, green pepper.

You add tomato sauce, salt, pepper and our good friend, the culprit of your smoked piggy smell for days and days – the crispy, crumbled up bacon.

veggie bacon sauce

As you boil the pasta, you leave the sauce on low heat. Once your pasta is ready, you strain it and you add it to the sauce. Once the pasta is in love with its new found friend, veggie bacon sauce, you add olives and sugar, just to top it off and make it the most absolutely amazing thing you’ve tasted.

Serve with freshly grated parmesan and a salad to keep your system from going into food coma.

spaguettis a la brasilera

Sit back and watch the faces on your guests. Heaven.

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