Tuesday, September 2, 2014

La Cocina de Christina on the TODAY Show #VivaToday

As part of NBC and Telemundo's Viva Today series, we had a chance to be featured on this morning's TODAY Show.  Last week, we sat down with Chef Ingrid Hoffmann to cook through some of the recipes from my Cuban cooking project, and to talk about food and the power it has to keep traditions alive, for many generations.  Watch the video below to see the feature that aired today on TODAY.

Keeping the sofrito smell alive is the key to La Cocina de Christina.  Having a home that smells like abuela or mami's cooking can't be replaced.  And when you step out of that home, into the world, that sofrito smell carries along with you.  And people just know - they know you come from a home where people cook and care and love.

Thanks for staying connected to La Cocina de Christina as I continue to cook through Cocina al Minuto. Helping so many connect to their culture and traditions has been a real treat.  I look forward to the next half of the project!